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Saul Wall

What does it mean when this crap does not even surprise me. I used to try to imagine the most outrageous thing that could happen during these new dark ages; something so disgraceful that it only seemed "physically" possible but I could never imagine it ever happening for real. I have stopped doing that. Instead I just watch it happen in real time. And then I sing a happy song like that Austrian nun with the Van Helsing children. And then I dance with the cartoon penguins.


Hey if the revealed word of god is that the jews are accursed forever, YADDA YADDA, haram baloney, how COULD it be hateful?

The dialectic is it's own enemy.

Islam becomes racism, but because god cannot be racist, hatred of jews is not racism.

Of course it's the other way around.
Because God is not a racist, he couldn't have said all that shit you freaking morons.
The brings on a certain set of uncomfortable questions.

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