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His medical license should be revolked, doctors take an oath to treat everyone regardless of his or her personal feelings and this so call doctor is no exception. l believe this doctor should not be practicing medicine if he can't abide by the simply rules of medical ethics, futhermore if mideasterners have a problem with others profiling them, they should not profile others.

Isaac Schrödinger

I agree.

Luay Shaheen

Wouldn't be surprised, its a part of our international image. We are treated like we treat others. We want to be Americans, prepare to be hated, since we like to stick our nose in everyones business in the name of National Security. We think we're cool and tough and everyone should run to our service. Well, people don't do that anymore....
I don't agree with the Doctors behavior, but its quite silly to question the doctors diagnosis, when he said she is OK.


Don't be an idiot. If an American doctor refused to treat an Iranian because of Iran's foreign policy, you'd be up in arms over "American racism". Let's not have a double standard here, one standard will do just fine.

Josh Scholar

When Johansson returned to the clinic the following day she was met by a manager, who apologised and encouraged her to report the matter to the Medical Responsibility Board.

See, his manager want to get rid of the asshole so he encouraged the woman to report the incident to the medical board.

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