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Spent many years in SA and agree with you 100%. Although I'm not Muslim I was treated somewhat better than the TCN's because they knew that Americans for the most part wouldn't put up with their BS. The TCNs were captives on some occasions as their passports were confiscated upon their arrival and that in itself is self explanatory. Many times I have conversed with nurses working there how the maids imported from Malasia and the Phillipines were raped by their so called employers and when pregnant, were dismissed or just left out on the streets. I know for a fact that one English nurse was raped by a Saudi and then he threw her from a balcony to her death and then had the police arrest another nurse and her husband for the crime explaing that they were robbing the victim. Of course the murderer was a Prince and eventually the couple was paid off hansomly and returned to England.

Hisban Zaidi

I am an Muslim Indian and am staying in Saudi for last two years.

Trust me, this place is the most pathetic place in this whole world. I have been to many places but never found people more uncivilized and uncultured like Saudis. I really wonder what they think as they are getting paid off for nothing. They behave more like an animal rather than humans.

I believe that they are the most pathetic people and are complete racists. I have seen many Saudis misbehaving with girls/boys on streets, stealing, kidnapping.. The problem lies in their genes as they are not been taught about culture and manners.

The most important factor is that there is no media coverage in Saudi Arabia and that is the reason nobody know anything. People who lives here are slaves and this is the fact. Here all muslims are not equal... Forget about paying more salaries to saudis and buying a property.. They dont even like offering their prayers behind and Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi imam.... They think that only they have rights to do so..

The moral is that, KSA is heart of racism and illiteracy and that is the reason it could not do any thing in past. Even if they will try to improve, they need 200-300 years..


Hey I am a Saudi boy doin uni overseas in the west these days..
I enjoyed reading this topic and wanted to make a comment. Guys, don't forget that Racism is everywhere u go. And, I have no problem with making friendships with the internationals. However, the Bangladeshis we have are drug dealers, theifs and stupid. Indains who live in Saudi Arabia live a happily life compared to living in their needy country, so Indians (love it or leave it). In ourland, we make the rules u don't make the rules. Good folks are more than welcome in our country "u get it". I have noticed that Indians are discriminated almost everywhere in the world..there must be a reason behind that, u figure it out. By saying this, I am not discriminating u Internationals, I am clarifying the point.
We have got millions and millions of foreigners here from many countries, why some are discriminated...? Simply guys, we have Arabs, Turks, Phillipinos, Indians, pakistanis and many other nationalities and that is fine if u behave urselves on this Holy land.

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