Layers of stupidity and errors

MPAI: Most People Are Idiots. One might think that, at least, the pilot of an aircraft wouldn't be in that category but alas:

Many accidents occur in which the crew do everything right while the aircraft crashes and nobody survives. Here, the pilot made sure to ignore protocol and do almost everything wrong, killing over a hundred people in the asinine process. Air-bus, indeed.

The scholars of South Africa

A massive 82lb rock used to smash in the skull of a university student after she was kidnapped and brutally gang-raped has been presented in court. The two-foot by one-foot by one-foot boulder had been used to cover a borehole and was slammed down on Hannah Cornelius's head twice as she was held down, a court was told. [...] Hannah, 21, would almost certainly have died instantly according to experts. However, to make sure, one of her killers also plunged a knife into her neck.

Of course, this story will get 24/7 coverage in the mass media.

Vernon Witbooi, 33, Geraldo Parsons, 27, Nashville Julius, 29, and Eben Van Nieberk, 28, face charges including murder, kidnap, robbery and rape.

Wait, those were Blacks who kidnapped, raped, and then murdered a White girl.

Narrative: does not hold. MSM status: ignore.

The fruits of socialism

Some people learn the hard way:

As night approached, Sandra Cadiz wrapped her shivering daughter in a blanket and prayed for a ride up the frigid Colombian mountaintop known as “the icebox.”

The mother and daughter had fled Venezuela on foot, joining more than 650 migrants who walk away from the collapsing nation each day because they cannot afford a plane or bus ticket. Cadiz knew not everyone survived the trek across dangerous borders and an unforgiving terrain, but she feared staying in Venezuela would mean her already malnourished daughter going hungry.

How did this poor woman end up in this situation?

When Venezuela’s oil-rich economy was booming, her small stand selling candy, cigarettes and cellphone minutes paid for meat on the dinner table. And when a charismatic socialist named Hugo Chavez became president in 1999, she enthusiastically added Venezuelan flags and hats to her sales racks.

In those early years, she bought chicken, sugar, milk, even Kraft mayonnaise. After she won a seat on a new local council, the government rewarded her with a free two-bedroom apartment, where she marveled at the clear water that came out of the faucets.

Now, she's running away from the shithole that she helped to create.

[...] customers no longer had cash to spend at Cadiz’s store, and she struggled to feed Angelis, who a doctor said was at least 10 pounds underweight. She wrote repeatedly to government ministers begging for help as a single mother, starting her letters with, “A revolutionary hello!” She got no response.

(Laughs.) Obviously, Venezuela didn't implement socialism in the proper manner.

The Aussies fold


Abu Dhabi really was nothing like Dubai. Over in the nation's most global city, Australia batted out 140 overs in blazing sunshine to thwart Pakistan's hopes of a win. Here in the capital under clouds and a slight drizzle, it took Mohammad Abbas and his teammates barely 50 overs to scythe through an Australian side that looked as feeble as the worst pessimist had feared a fortnight ago.

Australia scored an incredible 362/8 in the last innings to save the first Test. They were all out for a combined 309 runs in two innings in the second Test! Khawaja being injured didn't help but even he couldn't have changed the final outcome. Abbas was the chief destroyer. He should be getting his ODI debut soon.

Retarded standards for Whites

The insanity never ends:

Remember when shitlibs were about sexual freedom? Yeah, that’s over now. “Sexual racism” is the latest preprogrammed NPC line, and Globohomo, Inc has decided it’s time to stamp out the freedom of sexual choice in the name of encouraging more miscegenation.

My body, my choice? Not anymore.

Your racist body, our corrective choice.

You think this hyperbole. Oh no, if only. Mongrelization is now the openly stated goal for White nations and White people.

I've also seen cries of what can be called "sexual sexism". Isn't it horribly sexist that the overwhelming majority of men do not date ... other men!?

The dumb Dutch

The Magic Dirt isn't working in Europe:

Dominque De Vries, the owner of construction company DSPPM gave the nine men a two-year contract, but his warm gesture backfired.

“They’ve stayed for a week, because they didn’t want to work fulltime (40 hours) … Afterwards I did not see them again,” De Vries says.

The project between the company and the asylum seeker was even started by the mayor and the construction company invested heavily to educate the nine men.

Why would the rapefugees work when they can get free money from the government?

Aussies tumble

The Australians are having trouble scoring in the first innings:

Since the first Test of the series in Durban, Australia's first-innings tallies have been 351 in 110.4 overs, 243 in 71.3 in Port Elizabeth, 255 in 69.5 in Cape Town, 221 in 70 in Johannesburg, 202 in 83.3 in Dubai, and now 145 in 50.4 in Abu Dhabi.

After their stunning, record-breaking second innings a few days ago, this 145 all out is so bizarre. The Pakistanis slowly managed almost the same number of runs with a loss of only two wickets. If Asad and Babar click tomorrow and take the lead to 500 runs, then, again, Australia will have to fight like mad to save the Test. A draw is even more unlikely since the Aussies will have to survive for two days.

Canadian History

The first legal recreational cannabis has officially been sold in Canada at a shop in downtown St. John's.

In Newfoundland and parts of Labrador, which has a separate timezone from the rest of Canada, midnight comes earlier, and people were ready and waiting for marijuana to be sold to them over the counter.

The first sales went to Ian Power and Nikki Rose, who lined up outside awaiting the opening of the Tweed retail location on Water Street in downtown St. John's.

The first person to sell recreational marijuana in Canada was Bruce Linton, the co-CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation.

Totally glueless

The cannabis cultivators in Canada do not have enough supply for the recreational legalization which starts tomorrow. On top of that they have to glue a dumb government stamp on every SKU which will cause a further supply crunch:

At a warehouse in Smiths Falls, Ont., a row of sleek-looking machines are in full function, carefully pasting colourful stamps onto packaged cans and packets filled with dried cannabis.

It’s an efficient process that belies what has been a near-universal annoyance for licensed producers in the runup to legalization: the need to paste government-issued excise stamps onto hundreds of thousands of cannabis packages prior to sale.

Linton isn't amused:

“So you gotta put — appropriately so — different excise tax stamps for each province, but then the company that makes the excise tax stamp doesn’t put glue on the back. So now you have to find somebody to attach glue to stick on to the product.… Who would have thought that’s a thing?” lamented Bruce Linton, whose company, Canopy Growth Corp., ultimately decided to source machines that would just get the job done as quickly as possible.

It's funny that many talking heads are yapping about the looming shortage of marijuana and yet the government couldn't even manage to deliver a small piece of paper on time:

Among the issues were that the stamps arrived late, that they didn’t fit certain producers’ package sizes and that they had to be manually glued on to ensure that they fully comply with specifications listed in the Excise Act.

Fake Pocahontas

Trump will win bigly in 2020.

Why would Elizabeth Warren fight Trump on his terms by performing a dumb DNA test? Not only is she an idiot but she also has terrible political instincts. Now, even more people are going to call her fake.

Brutally battered

Fiona Simpson, 23, was driving on the highway with her four-month-old daughter Clara and her 78-year-old grandmother when the group was caught in the powerful storm.

Simpson told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation she pulled over and thought to wait out the storm. But the car was not up to the task of the sheltering the family, and large hail began smashing the windows, spurring Simpson to leap to the backseat and try to shield her daughter from harm.

The photos are unbelievable. It's shocking to note that she was in her car the whole time while the hail did that much damage to her body.

Saudi Barbaria feels the heat

The government of Saudi Arabia on Sunday vowed to retaliate with "greater action" if the Trump administration punishes the country for the apparently preplanned murder of a dissident earlier this month inside its Turkish Embassy.

Jamal Khashoggi, who wrote columns in the Washington Post critical of the Saudi government, entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul October 2 and disappeared. Trump has said the U.S. would be “very upset and angry” if the Saudi government was behind it and, in an interview with "60 Minutes," he clarified that there would be "severe punishment."

"The Kingdom affirms its total rejection of any threats and attempts to undermine it, whether by waving economic sanctions, using political pressure, or repeating false accusations," the country said in a statement released by the Saudi Press Agency.

This whole event is surreal for two reasons:

1. Saudi Arabia has been ruled by a family of ruthless thugs for over 85 years. A few years ago, they executed a Shia cleric and his supporters. Also, these Arabs literally behead people in public for the horrible crime of possessing an alcoholic beverage. Where the fuck was the global media outrage over this barbaric regime for the past century

2. Why did the dumb Saudis murder the guy in such an obvious manner? They basically dropped a piano where a shiv would have been sufficient. Just how inbred are they that they can't even pull off a simple, low-key assassination of an unarmed man?

Anyway, it's cute that the Saudi family is threatening the whole world. The global opinion on Muslims is already in the gutter thanks to the 24/7 evil of Muslims. Surely, this menacing attack on the pocket books of every single economy on Earth from the heart of Islam is going to help their cause.

It wouldn't be surprising to see the wicked Saud family crash and burn before they make it to a 100 years.

Meme of the Year

The NPC meme — a humanoid graphic which substitutes a blank ASCII face for expressiveness, to which is attached standard neolib boilerplate — is the sort of soulkilling reminder that the SJW hordes don’t think for themselves and lean on digestible anti-White pabulum to help them feel unique. It’s a clever repurposing of the autism slur to apply to social media consumed leftoids who mouth late night talk show shibboleths thinking it makes them renegades.

I laughed so hard at the core truth of this glorious meme.

NPC meme

The Religion of Peace

HUNDREDS of Islamist extremists have rallied in Pakistan to demand the death sentence for a Christian woman convicted of insulting the Prophet Mohammed.

Asia Bibi was put on death row in 2010 after she was accused of blasphemy during a row over a water container by fellow farmworkers in the capital of Lahore.

Chanting "Hang infidel Asia," activists from the Tehreek-e-Labbaik party also rallied in other cities on Friday, threatening nationwide protests if authorities free the woman.

What is her crime?

The charge against Bibi dates back to a hot day in 2009 when she went to get water for her and her fellow farmworkers.

Two Muslim women refused to take a drink from a container used by a Christian.

A few days later, a mob accused her of blasphemy and she was convicted and sentenced to death.

And you thought the Kavanaugh hearing was bad. Here, two Muslim bitches complained about a Christian woman who had the audacity to drink water from the same container as them. Now, Pakistanis want her head.

The two Muslim women who levelled the charges against Bibi denied they were quarrelling with her, saying her outbursts against Islam were unprovoked.

Yet several independent witnesses who gave statements recounted a cantankerous exchange between the women.

This is the evil that the West has imported within its borders over the past few decades. There is no reasoning with these people. They'll eagerly murder a Christian woman even if she's found to be innocent of the wicked charges.

Joseph Francis, an activist for Pakistan's Christians, said France, Spain and Germany have all offered to welcome Bibi should she be acquitted.

But Khadim Hussein Rizvi, the leader of a radical Islamist party, warned after the postponement that "no blasphemer will be able to escape punishment".

Twitter is full of Muslims who are demanding her immediate death. For example:

Translation of the Urdu text in the image: Hang Asia Malauna. Islam doesn't give the right to life to those who insult the prophet.

So close to carnage

A mere one second delay would have resulted in the deaths of hundreds:

Air Canada’s near miss at the San Francisco International Airport last year could have resulted in a catastrophic outcome, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). [...]

Air Canada flight 759, an Airbus A-320, was cleared to land on a runway, but the plane lined up on a parallel taxiway, which had four airplanes on it awaiting takeoff clearance.

Here's the video:

The Air Canada flight almost ripped off the vertical stabilizer of one of the planes. I can't imagine the horror of the pilots on the ground.

The Culture War

Just got a few emails:

Your transaction to ALT-HERO:Q on Indiegogo has been refunded!

Indiegogo’s Trust and Safety Team determined this campaign didn’t comply with our Terms of Use. You’ll no longer receive any perks associated with this transaction. Please visit our help center for further information on how Indiegogo protects users.

Vox Day:

Needless to say, we're looking into this. We've got everyone's email addresses and so forth, so if we have to set up our own crowdfunding platform, we will do so. However, in light of the fact that Indiegogo has done this retroactively, we are already looking into the legal aspects of their actions.

The Religion of Hygiene

Saudi Arabia does not allow non-Muslims entry into their holiest city which means that the passengers on a flight to Makkah are all Muslims.

WARNING: The following content might cause you to vomit. Viewer discretion is advised.

One of the replies reminds us of another disgusting video:

Too Much Intelligence

According to a new report today from Reuters, the Seattle tech giant was forced to scrap an AI recruiting engine after the company came to realize that the algorithm was excluding women.

It gets so much better:

Using data from a decade's worth of resumes, the engine was designed to scan employment and academic histories using recognized patterns from other high achievers, and some 50,000 keywords. But because the vast majority of the CVs came from men, it taught itself that male candidates were preferable, rejecting words like "women's" as well as graduates from all-female colleges.

(Laughs.) The AI was too good at detecting bullshit degrees. Of course, Amazon stopped it. The future version will totally respect wahmen!

Never a dull day for Canopy

So much has changed in the world of cannabis since 2013:

From the moment the federal government set out new rules in 2013 to encourage the industrial production of medical marijuana, the race was on.

But there was no reason to think Tweed Marijuana, created by Ottawa entrepreneurs Chuck Rifici and Bruce Linton, would be the one to win it.

On June 6, 2013, the day the new marijuana regime was established, the two had little money to invest, no production facility ready, and their firm had no licence from Health Canada to either grow or transport cannabis products.

Canopy Growth Corporation will be an engrossing case study for many business students in the future. I've followed it since it started trading on the stock exchange in April of 2014. It is the most ambitious cannabis firm in the world. If all goes well, then it'll be getting $5 billion in cash from Constellation Brands by the end of this month. 

There doesn't seem to be any middle ground. Either, Canopy dominates with the highest top-line for years to come or they waste the money and end up as an epic failure.

Astute Amazon

Amazon’s recent decision to raise the minimum wage it pays its workers to $15 an hour was greeted with enthusiasm and praise, with no one more pleased than independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, who tweeted: “This is what the political revolution is all about.”

Bernie is a socialist clown who got hoodwinked by the Goliath.

A week after Amazon’s announcement, The New York Times published a piece headlined Why some Amazon workers are fuming about their raise.” It turns out a lot of Amazon employees say they are mad about the wage hike because they’re now losing other compensation and bonuses that they valued more than a higher hourly rate.

No more financial rewards for good attendance and productivity. No more granting of Amazon stock.

Just one share of Amazon per year would be roughly $2,000 for a worker. That's a massive cut for a low-wage employee.

Notably, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is also advocating for the U.S. federal government to increase the legal minimum wage, which is music to progressives’ ears, but is also very good for Amazon.

It’s easy for a company of Amazon’s size and with Amazon’s revenue to sacrifice a tiny percentage of their profits for a higher hourly pay rate, but for a lot of employers, even a modest wage hike would represent a significant percentage of what they take in.

Will Bernie tweet his support again? It's funny that bleeding heart leftists are happy and supportive when a beast like Amazon advocates for the destruction of its competitors.

Test no. 2030

When I woke up today, Australia was at 87/0. I read a few news stories and checked the score again and it was 87/3. The Marsh Ducks were to blame.

I thought that Pakistan would push for a 500-run lead for the psychological edge but they declared with a 462-run target for Australia. It's still too much. The only question now is: for how long will Australia survive on the fifth day? Under 30 overs would be my bet.